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Fear Free Passive Investing

Jul 27, 2020

Join Lucas Miller and Daniel Mills as they talk about his most recent syndication investment. Daniel has been actively investing for six years and he talks about why and how he started passively investing from Japan.

In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • Investing remotely and what to expect

  • How to get comfortable with the idea of passively investing

  • Industry average for syndications and multifamily value-add

  • Finding good sponsors and great deals

  • Resources that will help you get over your fear of passive investing


About Daniel Mills:

While being a university professor in Japan he began investing in real estate actively in 2014 starting with single family houses.

He soon realized his love for looking at the market and searching for deals however, he didn't like the day to day of managing and he decided to educate himself and do some networking to try passively investing.

Now he has over 40 units in El Paso which he passively invested in from Japan along with the single family homes in Japan and several duplexes he owns with partners.


You can find Daniel Mills on…