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Fear Free Passive Investing

Feb 14, 2022

Welcome to the Fear Free Passive Investing podcast! Today, Lucas Miller is joined by David Robinson, as they share different thoughts on selecting sponsors. David shares that normally he would prefer to be sponsored by someone that is a local on the specific market that he’s looking into and is actually a very important aspect for him as well. David also explains that regardless of the other details of the area of investment he’s looking to pursue, his first choice is always to look for a good operator. David further shares that he also prioritizes looking for someone who’s got a growing track record, and not someone who’s already accomplished and is just enjoying what they’ve already built. These are only some of the points that David will share in this episode so be sure to stay tuned!  

About David Robinson:

David Robinson, CEO  and Founder of Canovo Capital, is an active investor, broker, and podcast host. David has been directly involved in over 250 million in real estate transactions. He has led top-producing real estate sales teams and managed a leading national franchise brokerage. He holds an active real estate broker’s license in the state of Utah. At Canovo Capital, David oversees all due diligence/acquisitions, capital raising efforts, investor relations, and asset management for his firm.

David is also the creator and host of the Apartment Investing Journey, one of the fastest-growing multifamily investing podcasts in the country. Each week David interviews top real estate investors from all over the country to extract their strategies, successes, and secrets to help YOU on YOUR apartment investing journey.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What to consider when looking for an operator
  • Difference between wanting to own a property and a passive income
  • The idea and the reality of being an investor
  • How David first reeled in investors
  • Importance of constant education for different assets and deals
  • And many more!

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