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Fear Free Passive Investing

Feb 14, 2020

Tracy and Keeley Hubbard are the father-daughter duo, and Managing Partners of Hubbard Capital Group, a multifamily real estate investment company.  They strategically acquire, own, and operate apartment buildings across the U.S. to provide a strong return to their investing partners.

Hear what the Coronavirus, Capital...

Feb 7, 2020

President Trump delivered his third State Of The Union address on Tuesday to a joint session of Congress.

The speech came a day before the Senate exonerated him from any potential impeachment.

Listen in to hear what real estate investors need to know about President Trump's speech with regards to investing.

Full speech...

Feb 5, 2020


“When everyone zigs, zag” ― Stephen Anderson

This is the philosophy of Black River Equity Partner Founder and Managing Partner Chihiro Kurokawa. While most multifamily investors are weary of deep value-add deals, Chihiro and his partners are actively pursuing them. 

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