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Fear Free Passive Investing

Jul 7, 2020

Join Lucas Miller as gets into a mid-year update into how 2020 has been going on so far. Even if the pandemic has caused us to veer away from our goals for this year, we still have to look forward and be excited about what we can do to make things better and continue to grow!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How good we had it before COVID-19 started spreading.
  • Panic in commercial real estate and rent collections coming back up from the dip earlier in the year.
  • The return of debt (and changes in underwriting) and questions with unemployment benefits.
  • The increase in competition for multifamily and the absence of discounts with deals. The value has remained the same!
  • How multifamily remains easy and straightforward compared to high-risk ventures like the current stock market.




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