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Fear Free Passive Investing

Sep 4, 2020

Collin Placke is an engineer, entrepreneur, and multifamily investor living in Denver, CO. After a decade of strenuous ups and downs in the "boom or bust" oil industry, Collin was finally able to find stability and peace of mind through investments in multifamily real estate. After building a portfolio of about 1000 units across the southeastern US, he discovered his true passion was helping other oil and gas professionals escape the vicious "boom or bust" cycle. Collin started the Rigs to Real Estate community to help oil and gas professionals create passive income, so they could stop worrying about oil prices and start building wealth through real estate.


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I help busy professionals navigate the, sometimes confusing, world of passively investing in real estate syndications. We give you clarity on what you should and shouldn't do when first getting started.


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