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Fear Free Passive Investing

Aug 18, 2020

Join Lucas Miller and his friend and business partner Brent Kawakami on this episode as they flip the script; Lucas will be the guest today. They talked about Lucas’ personal entrepreneurial experiences.. Listen in and get inspired by Lucas’ story!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • That its the struggles that make us stronger
  • It’s not easy getting a deal in real estate
  • Being a good buyer and seller reaps trust
  • Bad buyer/seller experiences do come with lessons learned
  • And much more!


Brent Kawakami currently invested in 600+ multifamily apartment units in multiple states. He purchased, rehabbed, rented, and sold single-family houses in the Dallas, Texas area. He graduated from B.S Electrical Engineering at The University of Texas in Austin, 2008. He started and sold a side hustle online information business in 2016.


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Quote: This is the quote said by the host, Brent Kawakami:

Time will tell. For all the smarter people, a lot of people are smarter than I am and more experienced, but it seems like you’re not gonna see that 20/30% blood on the streets and if you’re waiting for that, Goodluck!